Xerox ContentsBridge Utility

Xerox ContentsBridge Utility 7.3

Contents Bridge Utility is a tool for printing PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and XPS files

Xerox ContentsBridge Utility 4.0 is a Windows based software utility used to print files directly to a printer, without having to open the files.
This utility is extremely useful when the user does not have the corresponding application to open the files (listed in 1).

The program takes about 4780K of memory on a standard Windows-XP based computer.
The utility can be used to print only to Xerox Printers and the other brands are not supported, though they are visible on the network.
The direct-print can be done in the following ways.
1) Select the file to be printed (Only the following types of files are supported by this utility - .pdf, .tif, .tiff, .xdw, .ps, .prn.)
2) The printer option lists the available printers on the Network. It is assumed that the user selects only the Xerox compatible printers since the program is intended to be used only on Xerox Printers. The other option is to directly print to a TCP port ( which is associated with a network printer).
3) The Print Settings can be used to select the print options for the document.
This includes the selection of Pages, Output-mode (black/color), Print Mode(Standard/High Quality/High Speed), Paper Size, Layout, Number of Copies, Tray Selection and other standard options.
4) After choosing the required print settings, the print button can be used to spool the document to the desired destination.

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  • Sppol documents directly to a Xerox printer without opening


  • The Program Hangs when the TCP port configuration is not right or the host is not available on the Network
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